The Pizza Rule Of Top The Best Successful Advertisers

The Pizza Rule Of Top Advertisers

6 Steps To Make High Performing Ads

In this video Roy talks about the first step of The Pizza Rule: preparing the dough.

This is where 30-35% of advertisers get it wrong, just because they haven’t prepared their “dough” correctly. 

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That was short, right?

That’s what we do here. We’re not going to endlessly talk about things, we’re going to point you exactly to the things which have the greatest impact on your ad performance. 

That way you’ll work only on what matters.

Are you running online ads? >> Count how many data items you have there, squeeze it down to one or two and move on to take a bite of the 2nd slice. 

Are you creating your first ad with us? >> That’s great! Write one or two data items you want to include in your ad and move on to the 2nd slice. 

Are you feeling lost? >> We’re here to help! 

Creating An Ad Is As Easy As Making A Pizza

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